Check for and Remediate
Integrity Exceptions

Avoid costly regulatory penalties with continuous oversight.


Continuous Exception Surveillance

Simplify integrity oversight of employees, contractors, providers, and vendors. IntegrityShield automation continuously performs checks 24/7/365 ensuring worry-free integrity compliance.

Finally, a robust integrity management system is available that allows your organization to have constant oversight at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Integrity Screening Simplified


Integrated Comprehensive Solution


Hour for Current Baseline Watchlist Status


Less Costly than Standard Processes


Integrity Compliance Ready

Effective And Comprehensive Integrity Management

Cost-effective automated workflow results in integrity compliance of watchlist items





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Data Sources Continuously Monitored & Updated

Search Our Database Now, Free Integrity Screening Check

Perform a free ad hoc check for excluded or sanctioned individuals and businesses, device warranty expirations, 889B compliance status and more.

About IntegrityShield

Watchlist Flexibility with Automatic Updates

Create different types of watchlists from various data sources, internal or third party. Watchlist record data is continuously updated from primary sources and ‘Request for Data’ feedback loops.

One System, Multiple Screening Services

Provide your organization with a completely configurable integrity screening platform that automatically adapts to activated screening services. IntegrityShield creates a ‘single source of truth’ for your integrity activities, audit logs and supporting compliance evidence.

Advanced Data Match Algorithms

AI and Machine Learning technologies power screening processes for different data sources to minimize false positives, significantly reducing labor burden.

Automated Workflow to Address Screening Results

Autogenerated data requests eliminate manual watchlist match validation and verification processes. Requests for additional watchlist record data occur automatically and new data dynamically updates system databases.

Automated Integrity Exception Resolution

A closed loop exception process means ‘True Positive and Negative Matches’ are cataloged and maintained for future use.

Instant Alerts and Notifications

IntegrityShield generates instant alerts and notifications via email and text (SMS) for screening exceptions that require attention.

Comprehensive Audit Logs and History

Get a complete audit trail to document all required activities, including the ability to demonstrate proof of verification and validation. Have a comprehensive repository of all activities initiated on exceptions to serve as proof of compliance (POC).

On Demand Dashboards & Reports

Easily gain deep, actionable insights from a library of data widgets and reports.

Prevent Civil Monetary Penalties

Exclusions, sanctions and violations lead to penalties and legal exposure, costing millions. For ongoing integrity compliance, continuous oversight is required.

Up to 90% Cost

Stop outsourcing integrity screening processes. Establish a robust, automated integrity management system inhouse at a fraction of your current cost.

Monitor Any Watchlist Record Type

Employees, contractors, vendors, assets can all be monitored, tracked and managed through the same application.

Expansive Screening Services

Seamlessly activate multiple screening and monitoring checks on different types of watchlist record types.


Expansive array of source data that is checked for the type of screening activated on specific watchlist records.

Configurable Screening Checks

Either one monthly flat fee or pay per use for continuous 24/7/365 screening checks ensuring no integrity violation gaps.

Automated Match Workflow

Any positive match triggers specific workflows to verify and validate match and take appropriate action on the watchlist record.

Fast, Efficient False Positive Remediation

A false positive triggers automated requests for additional data from watchlist sources. Submitted data triggers rescreen for match update.

Bidirectional Third-Party Integration

APIs allow real-time screening match results to be made available to third party applications like claims processing, contract management and others.


Register and choose data sources for monitoring


Set up your watchlist records


Configure real time alerts and notifications


From dashboard, review exceptions to address

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    What Our Fans Say About Us

    When I was looking for an exclusions testing platform, I found SureShield and bingo, getting weekly checks in an automatic process was just what I was looking for.  It couldn’t be better.

    Cheralee Robbins

    Director of Legal Services Atlas Healthcare Partners

    IntegrityShield Product Add-Ons*

    Sanctions and Exclusions Screening

    Continuous sanctions and exclusions screening is a must have function to avoid penalties, pass audits, and check for compliance with contract termination clauses.

    Just one violation puts your organization at significant risk of costly penalties and audits.

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    889B Compliance

    Government contractors cannot use technology from vendors banned by Section 889B.

    Violations regardless of intent put your government contracts at risk. Establish a state of continuous 889B compliance and be audit ready anytime.

    Learn More

    * Additional cost