Automate 889B Compliance Checks

Government contractors cannot use technology from banned vendors and their subsidiaries. Do you know if you're in compliance? Are you aware of the penalties?


Keep Your Government Contracts

Using technologies from banned vendors puts you at risk of losing hard earned government contracts and can prevent you from acquiring new business. Proving your compliance with Section 889B regulations is mandatory.

Auditing your device and equipment inventory, all internal components, and manufacturing sources is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Omissions and mistakes can have costly repercussions. Establish a state of continuous compliance with 889B and be audit ready anytime.

Get 889B Compliant


Banned Vendors
with Subsidiaries


Day to Pass
889B Audit


Less Resource Intensive


Continuous Check of All Assets and Supply Chain

About IntegrityShield-889B

Comprehensive Check of Your Entire Ecosystem

All-inclusive check of your company, suppliers and subcontractors ensures all discovered assets are compliant with 889B regulations.

Device and Equipment Agnostic

Devices and equipment checked include computers, routers, phone systems, printers, surveillance systems, medical devices, video equipment, tablets, cell phones and more.

Once Deployed, Always Protected

After initial setup, integrity screening checks are performed 24/7/365.

Ongoing Automated Asset Discovery

Your IntegrityShield-889B asset ‘catalog’ is continually updated and managed. We automatically track all assets as added or removed.


You will receive an alert if a banned asset is added so you can take immediate action to preserve your 889B compliance status.

Ad Hoc Equipment Checks

If done prepurchase, ad hoc checks allow you to be confident the devices and equipment you acquire are 889B compliant.

Be 100%
889B Compliant

Easily comply with Section 889B. Not only are you avoiding risk of government contract loss, but you are also ensuring the safety of our country.


Automation removes the tedium of compliance.

Exception-Based 889B
Compliance Readiness

Receive real-time alerts of any device or equipment that is in violation of Section 889B. Take appropriate action to maintain full compliance.

Dashboards and Reports

Attractive management dashboards and reporting templates give you easy-to-read, complete insight into your 889B compliance performance.


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Evaluate compliance status


Institute corrective action plan


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