Dark Web Surveillance

Understand your risk from data breaches and threat exposure on the Dark Web.


If You Know, You Can Act

Every month, millions of access credentials and sensitive data records are breached and made available for purchase by cybercriminals. Knowledge of your exposed data is the key to decreasing your liability and risk.

SecurityShield-DWS identifies botnets, malware, and compromised credentials such as credit cards, emails and other sensitive organizational data that has been exposed or is being traded on the Dark Web.

Amount of Data Harvested onthe Dark Web, as of October 2022

9 8 1 7 9
data breaches
8 0 8 9 1 0 8 0 0 6
compromised credentials

About SecurityShield-DWS

Continuous Dark Web Surveillance with Instant Alerts

It is easy to set up alerts and notifications for your enterprise. A compromised employee puts you at risk. Bonus, offer SecurityShield-DWS as a benefit to your employees at no additional cost.

Detect Cyber-Intrusions

Cybercriminals orchestrate attacks over weeks and months with Botnets, C&Cs and Malware. Our automation provides active vigilance against cyber-intrusions and remediation guidance.

Enterprise-Wide Protection

Secure your organization from sophisticated cyberattacks using breached data on the Dark Web. Stop hacks and ransomware attacks before they begin.

Supply Chain Account Takeover Monitoring

Gain dashboard visibility of your suppliers’ account takeover risk. Share exposure data with suppliers to reduce their risk and yours.

Decrease Risk From External Threats

Botnets, C&Cs, and malware are omnipresent in today’s dangerous business environment. Proactively identify threats and remediate.

Ransomware Protection

Combat account takeovers that are used to orchestrate data breaches and ransomware attacks.

Avoid Executive Account Takeovers

Executives have access to more sensitive data making them attractive cyber targets. Protect these accounts at all costs.

Better Cyber-Hygiene Throughout Organization

Dark Web Surveillance is a prerequisite for an effective cybersecurity posture.

Receive Worldwide Threat Bulletins

Knowledge is power. Our curated threat bulletins provide ongoing actionable insight about new threats and risks to your organization.

Seamless Integration With SecurityShield

SecurityShield integration provides added vulnerability information on external-facing assets.

Seamless Integration With ComplyShield

Achieve a state of continued readiness by seamlessly gathering evidence of compliance to score regulatory controls (NIST, CMMC, HIPAA, etc.)


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