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Your Blueprint for Sustained Security, Compliance, and Integrity

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SCI: Security, Compliance, Integrity

Get SCI right, and you will have a rock-solid security posture. Get it wrong, and it is not a matter of whether you will get hacked, but when, and how costly the repercussions.

Today’s business environment is a dangerous place. It is hard to make it through a workday without hearing of a new significant data breach, hack, or ransomware attack. Proper security, compliance and integrity processes, and a commitment to thorough cyber-hygiene, are your keys to a safer future.

SureShield products are simple to use, resource-lite and easy to deploy.

A Cyberattack Occurs Every 39 Seconds

All organizations, regardless of size, face complex IT risks compromising their security posture. How well are you protected? Do you know your vulnerabilities?

You need a flexible and responsive solution for accurately visualizing and managing your threat landscape. Stop hacks and ransomware attacks dead in their tracks with SecurityShield, ComplyShield, and IntegrityShield.

Product Benefits

IT Security & Cyber Risk Management

Discover, monitor, track, remediate and report IT network, and remote device vulnerabilities.

Maintain Continuous Compliance

Establish baseline compliance status across one or more cross-walked regulatory frameworks.

Critical & Sensitive Data Protection

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Decrease your data exposure and financial liability.

Actionable & Comprehensive Data Analytics

Gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions. Decrease risk exposure. Enhance security posture.

Manage by Exception Framework

Underlying data algorithms across all solutions allow for quick problem identification and remediation.

Comprehensive Downstream Supply Chain Oversight

Manage vendor-associated liability, compliance, and risk exposure including 889B readiness.

Real-time Automated Integrity Checks

Integrity checks are required. Avoid costly penalties with SureShield continuous Integrity monitoring.

Partner Ready

SureShield SCI solutions were designed with the needs of MSSPs, MSPs, and other partners in mind. An important part of our mission is to provide world class support for subscription service management and partner recurring revenue opportunities. SureShield partners can rapidly grow their cybersecurity business with our integrated platform of easily operated, resource-lite applications.

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Today’s SCI Processes Are Too Costly

Do you have the time, right resources, and tools to:

  • Identify and remediate security vulnerabilities?
  • Identify external threats from the Dark Web?
  • Pass multiple industry specific compliance audits?
  • Continuously screen and monitor the integrity of your employees, contractors, and vendors?
  • Stop data breaches and ransomware attacks?

SureShield’s easy to deploy and use cloud-based solution provides the timesaving automation you need.

What Our Fans Say About Us

In working with many small to medium size defense contracts who by statute must be compliant with NIST 800-171 and soon CMMC v2 while getting support services to overcome those challenges cost effectively is formidable. In providing clients these services necessary to ensure compliance Sure-Shield has become an indispensable tool. The ease of use and the body of evidence Sure-Shield provides greatly assist in the compliance process, reduces the time, level of effort and cost of compliance.

Butch Zachrel, VP

Cyber & Intelligence Analytics, LP3 Oak Hill, VA, USA

I find their templates work very well in trying to meet the CMMC requirements. They were very patient and very helpful. I am not technically savvy. That is why I'm renewing my license, because of the quality of their product and excellent support.

Vera G. Culpepper, EVP/AFSO/HR

Culpepper & Associates Security Services, Inc. Atlanta, GA, USA


Do you need help assessing your security, compliance, integrity and cyberhygiene? We gladly assist companies, organizations, MSSPs, and MSPs. Schedule your free consulting session, up to 1 hour.

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Published Article

A Clear and Present Danger

By: Sanjaya Kumar, CEO, SureShield

Publication: Security Magazine


Our Guiding Principles

Safety: We bring tools and technology to make the business world a safer place

Simplicity: We simplify complex IT processes allowing you to focus on your business

Value: We increase security posture, decrease risk exposure, save money

Integrated Automation: We provide the discipline required for continuous remediation

Actionable Insight: We apply data science and analytics for rich insights

Customer Success: We are successful only when you are


Discover how SureShield's SCI solutions can help you quickly improve your security posture.