Security Vulnerability Management & Remediation

Your complete end-to-end data security, external threat, network, and remote device vulnerability management solution.

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Complete Control

Achieve complete control over IT vulnerabilities and confidential data from anywhere, anytime. SecurityShield allows for easy deployment and customization to fit your monitoring and remediation processes.

Designed for easy use, SecurityShield empowers IT security teams to track, manage and build a robust security posture.

Our vulnerability detection capability is the gold standard in scanning technology. Compare SureShield output versus any other system; you are safer with us.

SecurityShield Automation Does It Better


Integrated Comprehensive Solution


Increase in Workforce Efficiency


Security Risk Reduction


Days To

Efficient And Effective Security Risk Management

Integrated, automated workflow with a predictable security posture

Free Access To Security Vulnerabilities Knowledge Bank

Subscribers benefit from access to the latest vulnerability threats and current ongoing exploits from a single source. CVE, CISA, Open Cloud Vulnerabilities, and others are included.

About SecurityShield

Cloud-Enabled Vulnerability Scanner

Easy deployment and customization to fit an organization’s monitoring needs. SecurityShield empowers IT security teams to track, manage, and build a robust security posture.

Customizable, Configurable, and Repeatable Scan Schedules

SecurityShield continuously scans external facing assets, the network, remote devices, and CUI data to search for flaws in software design.

Optimize Risk Reduction and Your Security Posture through Facilitated Remediation

Quickly isolate missing patches, configuration errors, and deviations from security policies. Solution includes a distributed task and workflow management system and prioritized risk remediation plans.

Asset Discovery and Inventory Management

Comprehensive asset management covering all networked assets such as desktops, mobile devices, cloud environments, connected medical devices, and much more. Ongoing automated discovery detects unauthorized devices.

Active External Threat Identification and Management

All Internet-exposed assets are monitored for vulnerabilities, malware infections, command and control communications, and botnet activity.

Automated Evidence Gathering for Compliance Assessments

Integration with ComplyShield seamlessly harmonizes regulatory controls with network and IT framework components. Scanner data provides supporting evidence for scoring of controls and security policy compliance for continued audit readiness.

Reports & Audit Logs

SecurityShield offers comprehensive data reports and audit logs. Easily create run schedules and distribution lists. Save output for audits and evidence of compliance for POAM (Plan of Actions and Milestones) and SSP (System Security Plan) supporting SPRS (Supplier Performance Risk System) submission for DoD contractors. Design custom reports to suit your needs.

Robotic Process Automation Applied to Security

Seamless remediation task workflow management. It’s like magic.

Robust Vulnerability Detection Scanning

Our scanning technology is the most comprehensive vulnerability identification solution available today.

Easy to Deploy, Easy to Use

Getting started with SecurityShield is a snap.

Security Posture and Risk Status on Demand

Single view current vulnerability snapshot. Anytime, anywhere.

Remediation Effectiveness Guaranteed

Confirm the effectiveness of your vulnerability fixes. Rediscover peace of mind.

All Encompassing Solution

All operating environments (Windows, Linux, macOS), all connected devices (network equipment, cloud, and all other assets). We’ve got you covered.

Comprehensive Analytics

Actionable insights drive better results. Progressively reduce your risk.

Scanner Data Agnostic

Using another vulnerability scanner? No problem, easily upload the data and benefit from robust analytics, reports, and remediation workflow automation.

External Threats Covered

Complete Dark Web coverage to complement your security posture. Know your entire risk.


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    What Our Fans Say About Us

    I am very happy with the software; I like the fact I can run the scan myself and run as many scans as I want during a billing period. This makes it much easier for me than the way I was doing it in the past. In the past I would use a security consulting company that would then send me a laptop that would probe my network. Once the scan was completed, I would have to send the laptop back and then I would have to wait for them to generate a report to review. I can do all of that myself now.

    Alex Coviello

    Faruqi & Faruqi LLP Director of Operations

    SecurityShield Product Add-Ons*

    Data Loss Protection

    Mitigate data breach risks by detecting and protecting sensitive data on end-points.

    Sensitive data must be protected at all costs. Preventing sensitive data exposure will save you from paying hefty fines and protect your company’s reputation. Establish a line of defense when your data is at rest, in use, or in transit.

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    Dark Web Surveillance

    Billions of compromised credentials and data records are exposed on the Dark Web. SecurityShield-DWS provides the risk protection you need.

    External threats such as malware, botnets and command and controls are readily identified; automated tasks are created for your IT teams.

    Learn More

    * Additional cost

    Vulnerability Management Meets Compliance Readiness

    Used together, SecurityShield and ComplyShield allow you to seamlessly manage vulnerability scans and compliance assessments. Enhance your security posture with vulnerability remediation verification. Discover the simplicity of scoring compliance controls with automated evidence gathering for multiple frameworks such as NIST, CIS, CMMC, GDPR, FedRAMP, ISO, HIPAA, and more.

    Triple the effectiveness of your security posture today.

    Latest Security Vulnerabilities Bulletin

    Each week, hundreds of new IT system security vulnerabilities are identified, researched and cataloged.

    Download the latest security vulnerabilities bulletin from SureShield.