Continuous Sanctions and Exclusions Screening

A robust scalable solution you can easily establish inhouse to be audit proof.


Don’t Outsource, Own It

Continuous sanctions and exclusions screening is a must have function to avoid penalties, pass audits, and check for compliance with contract termination clauses. Check status of employees, vendors, contractors, medical staff, prospective hires and more. Just one violation puts your organization at significant risk of costly penalties and audits.

Outsourcing is expensive and burdensome. Built-in RPA (robotic process automation) enables you to screen inhouse at a small fraction of typical outsourced costs. Periodic checks (annual, quarterly, or even monthly) is simply not enough.

Comprehensive and Robust Screening


Sanctions and Exclusions Sources Updated Nightly


Total Sanction and Exclusion Records Checked Against


Less Costly than Outsourcing


Audit Ready with Supporting Evidence

About IntegrityShield-SES

One Solution for Multiple Watchlist Record Types

All-inclusive solution to check employees, vendors, contracted service providers, medical staff, prospective hires and more.

Effortless Automated Bidirectional Checks

When a sanctions and exclusions data source is updated, your watchlist is automatically screened. If you update your watchlist, the new records are automatically screened.

Once Deployed, Always Protected

After initial setup, integrity screening checks are performed 24/7/365

Seamless Integration with Your Contract Management Systems

Setup your integration and view match results in your own contract management system, making it easy for you to act. It’s like magic.

Credentialing and Privileging Data System Integration

Integrate with your medical staff credentialing and privileging data systems for real time integrity checks on all medical service providers within your ecosystem.

Medical Billing System Integration

Perform real-time checks on medical super bills before they’re submitted to payers for processing, avoiding the risk of OIG audits and penalties.

Ad Hoc HR Checks

Hire more efficiently with inhouse, real-time prospective employee sanctions and exclusions screening.

100% Regulatory Compliance

Easily comply with all regulations overseeing your business. Discover peace of mind when fear of audits and fines are a thing of the past.

Cost Effective

Bring sanctions and exclusions screening processes in house; save up to 90% of your current costs.

Exception-Based Screening Match Management

Receive real-time alerts of all matches with automated workflow for guided remediation.

False Positives Managed Right

In traditional systems, false positives result in a significant resource drain. Our product RPA and machine-learning processes allow for efficient resolution of false positives.

Comprehensive Dashboards And Reports

Attractive management dashboards and reporting templates give you easy-to-read, complete insight into your sanctions and exclusions screening performance.


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Establish watchlist records


Configure real time alerts and notifications (optional)


From dashboard, review screening matches

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    What Our Fans Say About Us

    We’ve been elated.  I came from a large health plan, and we had a team of folks that managed Sanctions and Exclusions.  It was very labor intensive.  The SureShield platform allows us to be nimble.

    James Maguire

    Compliance and Privacy Officer Atlas Healthcare Partners