CMMC 2.0 is mandatory and failure to obtain the correct certification level can result in the retraction of DoD contracts

Framework Snapshot

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program is a comprehensive security effort launched by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). The objective is to better protect Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI) within the federal government’s defense industrial base. The Pentagon launched a revised version, CMMC 2.0, in November 2021, streamlining the model from 5 to 3 compliance levels.

The CMMC framework protects sensitive and critical data entrusted to defense contractors by ensuring all engaged parties, including third-party subcontractors, are compliant with the framework’s directives. CMMC is mandatory and failure to obtain the correct certification level can result in the retraction of DoD contracts. Organizations cannot certify themselves; this must be done by a third-party assessment organization (C3PAO) accredited by the CMMC.

The CMMC framework is based on other frameworks and cybersecurity standards, such as those of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), FAR Clause 52.204-21, and DFARS.

CMMC Automation: Compliance for Less

The SureShield platform simplifies CMMC compliance by automating technical controls and guiding you through operational controls. SureShield’s automation will reduce your overall CMMC compliance cost by up to 70% when compared to traditional, labor-intensive compliance methods. For organizations requiring compliance to multiple frameworks, crosswalk automation drives cost savings up toward 90%.

CMMC 2.0 Compliance Levels


    *Required fields

    DIB Provider Compliance Requirements


    Scores need to be submitted to Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS).


    System Security Plan (SSP) is required.


    Plan of Action & Milestone (POA&M) is required.

    The SureShield CMMC Advantage

    The CMMC Framework within ComplyShield is current today and will be tommorrow, regardless of future CMMC changes. Here are examples of recent program enhancements.


    Aligned Compliance Assessment tools to CMMC level 1,2, and 3 requirement.

    Supplemental Guidance

    Added additional Supplemental Guidance content to simplify compliance documentaion

    Enhanced Crosswalk

    Enhance crosswalk to accommodate CMMC 1 and 2 controls to NIST 800-171,eliminating multiple assessments.

    Enhanced Security Scanning

    Further enhanced Security Scanning tools to confirm to CISA known Exploits release.

    SPRS Submission

    Completely automated System Security Plan(SSP) process for SPRS Submission.

    Protecting all crucial CUI and FCI

    Lack of compliance with the CMMC framework can put sensitive and crucial CUI and FCI at risk. Ensuring that a foolproof surveillance and assessment system is in place can help prevent unwarranted unauthorized attacks on the federal database. Our robust solution can help keep track of all and any movements within the organization’s system.

    Prioritizing the country’s safety

    Unauthorized access to the Department of Defense’s federal and industrial data can seriously threaten the country. CMMC determines how mature an organization’s cybersecurity posture is and if it can maintain its security, proactively manage it, and continuously improve it. If your organization complies with the CMMC framework, it will not be competitive in this arena. It is as simple as that, given how high the stakes are for the DoD in selecting its contractors, with the safety and security of the US as its goal.

    CMMC 2.0 reduces assessment costs by allowing all companies at Level 1 and a subset at Level 2 to demonstrate compliance through self-assessments. It increases oversight of professional and ethical standards of third-party assessors to secure higher accountability.

    With flexible Implementation under limited circumstances, companies can make Plans of Action and Milestones to achieve certification.


    Activate CMMC framework


    Install scanner for compliance evidence gathering


    Review baseline evidence to score compliance control status


    Close compliance gaps


    Ongoing compliance and gap surveillance


    Enforced maintenance of compliance readiness

    Free COMPLiANCE Assessment

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