SureShield Tech Update March 2024

Tech Updates
March 26, 2024

Our team at SureShield is dedicated to protecting your digital assets. Check out our latest updates:


  1. The Monthly Security Update report now incorporates a summary of Dark Web, DLP, and Disk Space scans for customers using these features.
  2. Notifications for completed Internal and External scans in PartnerShield now include a summary of scan statistics in the notifications.
  3. Partners can now share their preferred rules for creating remediation tasks with SureShield support. This ensures that their specified rules are employed when no customization is made for their customers.
  4. A new rule is introduced for remediation tasks, allowing the postponement of task creation for Patch and Upgrade solutions by a defined number of days. SureShield support can configure the value for this rule at each partner’s backend. Remediation tasks are scheduled to notify on the day of the solution release date + the specified deferred days.
  5. Performing a DELETE action on a Scanner within the Security/Compliance Scanner consoles will now prompt the scanner to uninstall itself when it contacts the application next automatically.
  6. In the Security and Compliance scanner onboarding wizards, when providing Microsoft Azure credentials, the UI now offers an option to verify the credentials and access level before saving the authentication details.



  1. The onboarding wizard for the ComplyShield has been improved to provide more comprehensive inline help. Additionally, it permits configuration at each Site, enabling distinct choices for establishing a compliance framework for each Site within a multisite customer account.
  2. In alignment with SecurityShield scan notifications, failure and success notifications for compliance scans are now visible in the PartnerShield.



  1. The application became unavailable when the bulk upload of vendor records was performed.
  2. Various issues concerning accessing and updating tasks related to requests for data and verification have been resolved.



  1. Informational notifications have been segregated into a distinct section within the PartnerShield dashboard, separating them from the ALERTS section, which now exclusively displays Errors and Warnings.
  2. The ability to discard an IRIS report output draft, once restricted to the generating user, is now extended to all partner users with access to the IRIS module.
  3. The ALERTS section has been updated to provide notifications:
    1. If a scanner is not polling and it has an internal scan scheduled within the next 24 hours.
    2. When a scanner fails to auto-update itself after three attempts following the deployment of a new scan engine by SureShield.
  4. Invalid TOTP 2FA authentication attempts are now logged for reporting purposes.
  5. All events associated with email notifications sent to partner and customer users, including delivery status, are now logged for reporting purposes.
  6. The PDF export feature for reports has been improved to display tables accurately and include page numbers in the footer.
  7. The exported report files now include the customer’s name and report output date in their downloaded file names.


  1. Adjusting the number of rows displayed in a paginated table is now a persistent choice. It is used across all tables, even after logging out and logging in on different machines. The paginated tables also offer options to display 50 or 100 rows, with the default set at ten rows for optimal display speed.
  2. Changing the UI color theme from default dark to light is now a saved preference, applied to all future logins across different machines.
  3. The left side menu bar in the portal no longer auto-expands and collapses. Based on feedback from multiple users, it has been updated to expand and collapse only upon clicking the hamburger icon at the top of the menu bar. Additionally, clicking anywhere outside the pages will collapse the menu bar if it is already expanded.



The Remediation Projects Manager (RPM) is a specialized automation module designed to enhance the efficiency of project proposal creation and lifecycle management for partners such as Managed Service Providers (MSP) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP). Once activated for a partner, the RPM seamlessly integrates with SureShield applications to streamline the process of generating comprehensive and customer-ready Scope of Work (SOW) project proposals.


Every month, a staggering number of access credentials and sensitive data records are breached, ending up in the hands of cybercriminals who sell them on the Dark Web. Knowing whether your data is exposed plays a crucial role in reducing your liability and overall risk.

SecurityShield-DWS is a comprehensive solution designed to detect and address various security threats. This includes identifying botnets, malware, and compromised credentials associated with email IDs, IP addresses, and credit cards that have either been exposed or are being traded on the Dark Web. SecurityShield-DWS also monitors certain text phrases, such as your organization name in Dark Web forums and discussions.


This comprehensive cybersecurity module is designed to empower customers to monitor, assess, and remediate security risks associated with their externally facing digital footprint. This includes hardware, software, and cloud assets accessible from the Internet. The ASM module is a crucial component of an organization’s cybersecurity strategy, providing continuous visibility into potential attack vectors and security threats.

Please email us at with questions, suggestions, or feedback. Thank you for being a part of our tech community.

Best regards,
Thomas Leahy
SVP, SureShield Inc.

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