SureShield Tech Update June 2024

Tech Updates
June 4, 2024

Stay ahead of cyber threats with SureShield’s innovative solutions. Explore our latest developments today:

1. SureShield network security scanner can now be installed on Linux systems, with support currently available for Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, and Amazon Linux distributions.

2. Like Dark Web Surveillance (DWS), the Data Loss Protection (DLP) module is now a separate module in the main navigation menus. It features its setup and an enhanced dashboard with drill-downs for reviewing data by risk type, asset, sensitive data type, and more.

3. If the customer has also subscribed to the Dark Web Surveillance (DWS) service, all external-facing IP addresses and domains scanned in the Threat & Vulnerabilities management service are automatically added to the Dark Web surveillance.

4. When an ignored vulnerability is not found in a subsequent scan but reappears in a later scan, it is incorrectly classified as an active vulnerability instead of continuing to be ignored. This resulted in the vulnerability appearing in both the active and ignored lists for the asset and creating a new remediation task.

5. When an ignored vulnerability is no longer found in later scans due to remediation, patching, or port closure, the system does not record the vulnerability as fixed.


1. The ComplyShield module has been enhanced to support the following features for multi-site customers:

  1. Prompt the user to set up compliance requirements for each site, allowing the specification of compliance scans and required compliance levels for each site.
  2. Save each site’s survey questionnaire responses and the Plan of Action (POA).
  3. Save modified policies and their POA at the organization level, not at each site level.
  4. Save evidence worksheet responses and their POA at the organization level.
  5. Save other POAs at each site level.

2. When compliance evidence gathering is enabled after security scans are performed, the evidence worksheets are now populated immediately, eliminating the need to wait for the next security scan.

3. The navigation for answering the status of compliance controls was not functioning correctly when there were two or more controls with the same citation number. This issue has been resolved.

4. The compliance evidence-gathering scan failed to process data when domain data gathering via LDAP succeeded. Still, subsequent querying of endpoints for additional data failed due to incorrect domain credentials or insufficient permissions. The scan now processes the domain data alone and populates the evidence worksheets accordingly.


1. The RPM and Rainmaker modules now feature independent user management for partner users.

2. The Rainmaker module now requires each new prospect to consent before scans can be performed on their publicly facing information systems. Partners can send consent requests to prospects directly from within the tool. Scans will commence once consent is provided. This feature will be available in the portal by June 6, 2024.

3. Partners can now create DEMO customer accounts by marking all service subscriptions as DEMO within the customer account.

4. If the browser’s first preferred language was not set to English (United States), the text in the portal did not display correctly. To address this, we now default the SureShield language pack to English (United States) if the user’s first preferred language is not supported by SureShield.

Please email us at with questions, suggestions, or feedback. Thank you for being a part of our tech community.

Best regards,
Thomas Leahy
SVP, SureShield Inc.

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