SureShield Tech Update January 2024

Tech Updates
February 5, 2024

SureShield tech team is committed to continuous improvement; here is a snapshot of our latest product enhancements.


  1. Domain scans now conduct password policy and login session policy requirement checks and present the findings in a compliance worksheet to review in CMMC assessments.
  2. Domain scans now also query the Active Directory (AD) for deactivated users and display them in a compliance worksheet to review in CMMC assessments.
  3. During scanner installation, a warning is issued if there is an existing installation.
  4. An error is issued during scanner installation if the minimum Random Access Memory (RAM) requirement is unmet.
  5. REASSIGN action can now be performed on multiple selected remediation tasks to send to a selected user or Professional Services Automation (PSA). This action will send the user one email for each selected remediation task. In the upcoming release, it will send a single email to the chosen user or PSA instead of one email for each task and will attach a document with the summary of all the remediation tasks.



  1. Feature to Download controls along with the existing responses and comments/notes to a spreadsheet for offline editing, with the ability to upload modified responses and comments/notes.
  2. Ensured normalization of fonts, headers, and display across all reports.
    Improved PDF export features to provide ready-to-use reports for client submissions.
  3. Plan of Actions & Milestones (POA&M) report Excel export now utilizes a pre-defined template and includes PENDING and COMPLETED POA&M sheets in the exported file.



  1. Made time tracking on tasks optional.
  2. Eliminated the automatic creation of “Request for Data” and “Request for Certification” tasks.
  3. System-created tasks are now shown as created by the customer default admin.



  1. Grids now show the applied filters, if any, above the header.
  2. Upgraded to Angular version 16.


  1. Remediation Project Manager (RPM) to define and manage security and compliance remediation projects with services and tools, cost estimation, and statement of work.
  2. SecurityShield DWS module for dark-web monitoring to check for
    • Breached login credentials
    • Malware/Botnets detected on public-facing systems
  3. New Compliance reports in the IRIS module to edit and send to customers:
    • System Security Plan
    • POA&M
    • Compliance Executive Summary

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