SureShield Tech Update February 2024

Tech Updates
February 26, 2024

At SureShield, our tech team is committed to safeguarding your digital assets. Check out the latest updates:

  1. REASSIGN action on multiple selected remediation tasks can now be configured at the backend for each partner to either:
    1. Send only one email with all task data – in which case this action will send out a single email to the chosen user or Professional Services Automation (PSA) with a spreadsheet attachment that includes one sheet for every selected remediation task. Each sheet will provide details on the remedial action steps and a list of assets requiring the remedial action. OR
    2. Send each task as a separate email to the selected user or PSA – in which case, each task detail is sent in a separate email to the chosen user or PSA.
  2. The compliance scan feature on the SecurityShield vulnerability monitoring tool has also been enhanced to find the endpoint device’s total and available disk space.
  3. Endpoint compliance and sensitive data discovery scan schedules can now be customized to occur within a specified period. Suppose a scan is determined to be overdue for a particular asset during its heartbeat poll to the server. In that case, the scan will only be initiated if the current time is within the configured period.


  1. Revamped System Security Plan (SSP) and Compliance Executive Summary reports on ComplyShield are now available in the standard reporting module and PartnerShield’s IRIS module.


  1. Locking/deleting a user on PartnerShield will now reassign all the tasks and compliance assessment controls ownership from the deprecated user to the customer system administrator (no emails sent to the new assignee).

Please get in touch with us with questions, suggestions, or feedback at Thank you for being a part of our tech community.

Best regards,
Thomas Leahy
SVP, SureShield Inc.

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