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About SureShield

Today’s IT risk management processes are complicated, disjointed, and expensive.

SureShield offers easy-to-implement, continuously automated, security, compliance, and integrity (SCI) software technologies. We’re passionate about simplifying SCI processes to transform how companies manage their cybersecurity posture while significantly reducing cost.

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The SureShield Executive Team has built several leading compliance, safety, policy management and data analytic companies over the last 20 years. For entrepreneurs Sanjaya Kumar and Tom Leahy, this is their fourth venture together. In 2018 they identified a vital need for easy-to-deploy security, compliance, and integrity management solutions needed to combat the proliferation of cyberattacks and subsequent drain on existing IT resources.

Our country is at risk without secure networks. Our mission is to secure America’s future, one company at a time.

Sanjaya Kumar, CEOSureShield

Helping You Move Forward
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SureShield leverages new technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to provide industry-specific SCI risk management solutions. SureShield products seamlessly integrate to improve the security posture of many companies and organizations.

Partner with SureShield and Leverage our Solutions

SureShield invites MSPs, MSSPs, and similar partners to extend their offerings with advanced cybersecurity solutions. Our fully managed, automated, easy to implement, labor-reducing IT solutions do not require large upfront investments. Our Managed Cybersecurity Services offering is constantly updated, so your clients are always ahead of the next security threat.

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Make cybersecurity your competitive advantage. Stand out from other MSPs.

Automation is your secret weapon. Unburden your team. Scale your business.

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SureShield is led by a diverse, industry-focused management team with proven track records in compliance, safety, risk, and cybersecurity management.