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Accelerate Recurring Revenue

Your vision is our vision. Partner with us to expand your briefcase of profitable IT solutions and services using PartnerShield.

PartnerShield provides you with end-to-end SCI management for your customers, and we don’t skimp on business analytics needed to monitor performance. You will easily identify upsell opportunities and clients at risk of attrition.

We also provide integrated SaaS retention metrics and the ability to continuously monitor your automatically generated Net Promoter Score collected from your client user base.

Easy-to-use PartnerShield tools and workflows allow you to activate free trials, convert to paying clients, and continually expand your recurring revenue base. Our automated SCI solutions were designed to keep your labor costs low so you can concentrate on doing what you do best, sign up more clients.

PartnerShield Automation Does It Better

1Day to be Up and Running with PartnerShield

3xClient Capacity with Existing Resources


2xProfitability Utilizing Same Resources

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    PartnerShield Helps You Win New Business

    Free Trials With Preloaded Sample Data

    With PartnerShield, free 30-day product trials are in your control. You decide who gets free trials, when they should be launched, and when conversion to paying customers should happen.

    Powerup Your Sales and Marketing Campaigns

    Discover the power of your branded sales collateral and ‘drip’ nurture marketing campaigns all available on the PartnerShield portal. In addition, sales coaching and access to industry SMEs is also available. The jolt is like starting your morning with a quad expresso.

    Best In Class Analytics

    You will always know: number of new clients, clients at risk, application utilization metrics, client upsell opportunities, upcoming and past due renewals, prospects in free trials, free trial batting average, client churn rate, lifetime
    value of all clients, your Net Promoter Score, and much more.

    Many Upsell and Cross-sell Opportunities

    Through PartnerShield, MSSPs and MSPs have six potential independent revenue streams for every client:

    • SecurityShield for vulnerability management and remediation
    • SecurityShield-DLP to mitigate risk of data breaches
    • SecurityShield-DWS for Dark Web Surveillance
    • ComplyShield for automated compliance across multiple frameworks
    • IntegrityShield for integrity checks on employees, contractors, and vendors
    • IntegrityShield-SES for Sanctions and Exclusions Screening
    • IntegrityShield-889B for Section 889B compliance

    See PartnerShield In Action

    Leverage SureShield’s partner platform to redefine your revenue streams and business performance.

    Program Benefits You Will Realize from Day I

    Secure Access To Your Own Partner Cloud Portal

    We make it easy for you to manage your clients from a single console. Your central console allows you to be proactive in growing your business, preserving ongoing revenue, and in mitigating customer attrition.

    Remotely Activate New Services, Deploy Products & Actively Monitor

    PartnerShield makes it easy to turn on any new service for your clients. From compliance audits, vulnerability scans and analysis, data protection tools, to third party oversight solutions all it takes is a point and click and new business is turned on. Receive active alerts and notifications to stay on top of your clients needs.

    Remotely Manage Your Client Base & Activated Service Offerings

    Our unified, easy-to-set-up dashboard gives you remote access and a high-level view of your clients with the ability to filter for information when you need a closer look. From here, you can make informed decisions that allow you to grow and improve your business. Provide the highest level of security and compliance offerings all via a secure cloud hosted environment. No need to install solutions on site.

    Customer Satisfaction is Not a Hope, It’s a Science

    PartnerShield automatically collects Net Promoter Score data from your client users. This means you will know who is unhappy and why. PartnerShield arms you with the data you need to proactively reach out to clients and solve their problems before you lose them.

    Reduce Customer Churn

    Advance knowledge is power. Our advanced SaaS retention metrics identify customers at risk of attrition, allowing your customer success team to reach-out before they make a decision that hurts both them and you.

    Enable & Activate Customized Service Offerings

    Our flexible suite of compliance and risk management solutions lets you meet the diverse needs of your customers - Our solutions easily integrate with legacy systems that a client might have, and draws information from third-party sources for a single aggregated view of their risk posture. This flexible approach to risk management will enable your clients to build a comprehensive picture of risk to drive better strategic decision-making.

    What Our Fans Say About Us

    As a small business owner, both the act of complying with CMMC and CUI, as well as getting support to do so has been daunting. We are just too small for most people to be interested, and it has been too expensive for a one-size fits all solution. SureShield came in on the heels of yet another contracting failure and helped Baere skip the middle man. In most cases, compliance is about framework, so the software has been a real savior. We have found that we don’t need to hire someone to tell us “We need to do these things”, we just need the framework that asks the questions, and gives us a box to fill in. The support we have received has been some of the most pragmatic and clear without being condescending or obscure. I am so glad to have found SureShield!

    Melanie Thom

    President Baere Aerospace

    Thank you for your fast turnaround.  It is hard to find great companies like yours.  We greatly appreciate you.

    Dan Berger

    Co-founder First Team Cyber

    As a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and candidate 3CPAO company for CMMC we have focused on supporting the small to mid-size businesses prepare for meeting the NIST 800-171 control sets required by the Department of Defense.  SureShield has been an invaluable partner in this effort, having not only compliance tracking but vulnerability testing for our clients. Digital Beachhead is honored to be a strategic partner with SureShield.

    Mike Crandall

    CEO Digital Beachhead