SureShield vs. RapidFire Tools

(Network Detective & VulScan)

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    Product Comparison

    Features SecurityShield RapidFire Tools
    Automated continuous asset discovery & lifecycle management
    Software inventory with access rights & authorizations
    Active directory discovery scans
    Cloud-based (remote web deployable) vulnerability scanner with multi-tier multi-tenant scanner operations console
    All-in-one vulnerability and compliance evidence scanner
    Automated comprehensive network scanner, including all subnets & ports with exception reports
    External scans of all internet facing assets & continuous remote device scans
    Multi-threaded parallel network scanning architecture
    Automated remediation task management with work effort and time estimates
    Prioritized remediation guidance with vulnerability remediation effectiveness verification scans
    Automated scan reporting with escalation alerts & notifications and exception based dashboards
    Lightweight scanner agent with schedulers built to run with rmm tools (for quick & easy deployment)
    Pay-Per-Use (PPU) SaaS pricing model scanning managed assets
    No contract commitment / lock in period
    No minimum billing contract amount or customer target requirements

    Choose wisely...
    ...before getting locked
    into a multi-year commitment.

    RapidFire Tools requires a lot of your resources to deploy, implement and use effectively. SecurityShield is a cloud-based platform built for MSSPs, MSPs and other security service providers. SecurityShield takes less than 5 minutes to get started. You will realize resource savings in under an hour.

    Don’t get locked into a product that limits the number of OS sites that can be managed, making future scalability difficult. SecurityShield is different. Our cloud platform was designed for security providers who understand the benefits of managing multiple clients in one environment.

    See Why Hundreds Of Security Professionals
    Are Switching To SecurityShield

    100+MSSPs, MSPs, and other security service organizations trust SecurityShield for productivity and scalability

    90%Productivity gain from built in automation; support and service more customers with existing staff

    100%Active vulnerability identification, with validated guided remediation

    100%Continuous threat protection with automated task creation and remediation validation scans

    What We Have to Offer to Your Security Team

    Active Vulnerabilities Detection & Remediation Management

    Achieve maximum control over IT vulnerabilities and confidential data from anywhere, anytime. SecurityShield allows for easy deployment and customization to fit your monitoring and remediation processes.

    Designed for easy use, SecurityShield empowers IT security teams to track, manage and build a robust security posture.

    Integrated, Automated Workflow with a Predictable Security Posture

    SecurityShield provides complete end-to-end data security, external threat, network & remote device vulnerability management solution.

    Optimize Risk Reduction and Your Security Posture through Facilitated Remediation

    Quickly isolate missing patches, configuration errors, and deviations from security policies. Solution includes a distributed task and workflow management system and prioritized risk remediation plans.

    All Internet-exposed assets are monitored for vulnerabilities, malware infections, command and control communications, and botnet activity.

    Reports & Audit Logs

    SecurityShield offers comprehensive data reports and audit logs. Easily create run schedules and distribution lists. Save output for audits and evidence of compliance for POAM (Plan of Actions and Milestones) and SSP (System Security Plan) supporting SPRS (Supplier Performance Risk System) submission for DoD contractors. Design custom reports to suit your needs.

    From Our Fans

    I am very happy with the software; I like the fact I can run the scan myself and run as many scans as I want during a billing period. This makes it much easier for me than the way I was doing it in the past. In the past I would use a security consulting company that would then send me a laptop that would probe my network. Once the scan was completed, I would have to send the laptop back and then I would have to wait for them to generate a report to review. I can do all of that myself now.

    Alex Coviello

    Director Of Operations Faruqi & Faruqi, LLP

    Get your Security team to experience the SureShield difference in less than an hour. Schedule your demo and no obligation free trial.

    Free Access To Security Vulnerabilities Knowledge Bank

    Subscribers benefit from access to the latest vulnerability threats and current ongoing exploits from a single source. CVE, CISA, Open Cloud Vulnerabilities, and others are included.