You May Not Be Able to Do a Self-Assessment, Find Out Why

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    When CMMC 2.0 changes were announced last November, about 40,000 companies handling CUI data would have been allowed to submit a self-assessment of their cybersecurity practices. However, during a Town Hall on February 10, Deputy DoD CIO David McKeown said this provision may be rolled back. Now all companies handling CUI data, including the 40,000 once potentially exempt, will now be required to get third-party assessments. This is a significant development.

    Last November, the Pentagon announced changes to the CMMC accreditation process for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) suppliers. The number of Maturity Levels was reduced to 3 (from 5) and processes for completing assessments and certifications are now different. And, as we saw last month, additional changes may still be made.

    SureShield has adapted its software to accommodate these new CMMC 2.0 requirements and remains flexible enough to handle whatever changes occur in the future.

    Join this informative and lively webinar to learn how the CMMC 2.0 ‘Rollback’ will affect suppliers to the government. In this session we will cover:

    New changes

    – Timing for implementation
    – Current requirements for continuing to service DOD contracts
    – Processes for identifying the maturity level that applies to your organization
    – Tools from SureShield adapted to the new CMMC 2.0 Requirements
    – Any other new updates announced by CMMC

    Since these changes affect so many organizations, we will do our best to answer every question submitted either BEFORE or DURING the webinar. After registering, feel free to submit questions in advance to

    Upon request, all attendees will receive their choice of either a complementary SureAssess™ scan identifying critical network vulnerabilities or a free trial of ComplyShield.

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