The end is in sight. The DOD takes a major step toward finalizing CMMC requirements.

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    For: Defense Industrial Base, MSPs, RPOs, C3PAOs

    Last month, the DOD sent its CMMC framework to OMB’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA). This is a key milestone. The end is in sight. Now, it’s clear that companies needing certification should aggressively ensure they are NIST 800-171 ready. If your organization has not started this process, you are behind the eight ball, jeopardizing future contracts.

    Learn more about recent developments and what they mean for your organization. Accelerate your readiness by leveraging SureShield technology to confidently and easily meet NIST 800-171 assessment requirements.

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    Webinar Agenda:

    1. Recap of the important July 24 CMMC Town Hall meeting and what it means for the Defense Industrial Base and its advisory ecosystem
    2. Achieving compliance for the first time may be easier than you think
    3. The importance of AI/machine learning for easily maintaining continuous readiness