Solutions to Meet CMMC 2.0 Assessment Requirements

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    The CMMC accreditation process for Defense Industrial Base (DIB) Suppliers continues to move forward. Outlines of the assessment process have been defined and more than 150,000 suppliers will need to have a C3PAO third-party assessment completed on their security posture. Suppliers will be seeking cost-effective assistance from RPOs and C3PAOs to help implement solid Cybersecurity practices that assure NIST 800-171 compliance.

    The opportunity to offer services is significant, but scaling can be difficult without good technology solutions. Registered Practitioners, Registered Provider Organizations, and C3PAOs need scalable tools to help meet current requirements while preparing their clients for the new CMMC 2.0 processes. Join an informative webinar on how Marketplace providers like you are using SureShield tools to effectively manage servicing activities. With PartnerShield you will be able to:

    1. Leverage a scalable NIST 800-171 assessment process for CMMC 2.0 requirements processes; no additional resources needed.
    2. Identify and remediate Security Gaps to meet NIST 800-171 requirements.
    3. Easily identify CUI data and implement solid data protection services to meet a critical CMMC requirement.
    4. Automate all required submission and assessment reports required by NIST 800-171 today, and CMMC 2.0 tomorrow.
    5. Automate the gathering of evidence to support the implementation of key controls needed to meet accreditation requirements.
    6. Distribute work to others to efficiently and effectively allow your organization to service more clients.

    Organizations like yours are using PartnerShield from SureShield to service more clients. All participants will receive access to a free PartnerShield trial for evaluation.