Lowering the Cost of HIPAA Compliance

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    HIPAA is the law, and the law and must be followed. HIPAA compliance protects not only your patients from having their sensitive personal data exposed, but also your organization from unforeseen lawsuits. Companies face severe criminal charges and heavy fines for HIPAA violations. Don’t let this happen to you.

    What’s worse than HIPAA violations? How about HIPAA violations discovered after a cyberattack? 34% of all U.S. data breaches involve a healthcare organization. There are multiple reasons for this, but a leading factor is the obscene value per healthcare data record on the dark web, currently worth up to $250 each. In second place? Credit and other payment cards at a mere $5.40 each. The good news: the ease of HIPAA compliance is simpler than you might think, and the cost is affordable.


    Discover how your organization can ease the burden of HIPAA compliance for less. Do you have other frameworks with which you also need to comply? Our enterprise-wide, automated compliance solution, ComplyShield, is cross-walked, meaning you answer once and automatically populate across multiple frameworks.

    ComplyShield by the numbers: