Getting Your CMMC Certification Across the Finish Line

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    ● Compliance & best practices
    ● What’s new with CMMC 2.0
    ● Proven process: Assess | Address | Maintain
    ● Certification process
    ● Compliance management program
    ● And more

    Your Challenge
    A day doesn’t go by without a significant data breach, ransomware attack or compliance regulation change, sometimes all three. Being out of compliance is risky … and unnecessary.

    Your Solution
    Choice Cybersecurity, a valued SureShield partner, works with MSPs, MSSPs, virtual CISOs and companies direct to achieve and maintain 100% compliance with all state, federal and privacy laws. Protect exposed sensitive data and continuously manage vulnerabilities while maintaining a state of continued compliance readiness to industry-specific frameworks.

    Experience the power of Choice Cybersecurity’s leadership combined with SureShield’s security and compliance platform. Mitigate risk using fewer resources at an affordable price. Discover the peace of mind that comes with a better security posture, compliance readiness, and knowing you’re doing business with the right people and organizations.

    In this fast-paced, easy-to-follow webinar, you will learn how to remediate gaps in compliance and prevent vulnerabilities from going forward. You will be able to demonstrate the importance of compliance to management, clients, and vendors. You will cross the finish line.