Easily Screen Clinicians, Employees, and Vendors, Avoid ‘Integrity’ Fines & Penalties

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    There has been an exponential increase in providers and companies attempting to defraud the healthcare system.

    Healthcare organizations must ensure their clinicians, employees, and vendors are qualified to practice with proper credentials. They must not be disbarred by professional associations or specialty boards and cannot be engaged in unethical or criminal activities. Non-compliance is against the law and exposes healthcare organizations to costly financial penalties, up to $16K per violation, with no limits on violations.

    IntegrityShield is a robust, scalable, SaaS solution that is quickly deployable, allowing for near real-time integrity checks on your entire ecosystem on the activated set of data sources desired by the customer. Put ongoing integrity compliance on autopilot with IntegrityShield:

    • Bring a key organizational function in-house with ease at a fraction of your current costs.
    • Requires no IT support to deploy and implement (SaaS).
    • Predictable licensing model.
    • Easy to learn and use, requiring minimal training. Manage by exception dashboard is intuitive with automated guided workflows to address matches.
    • Built-in workflow and closed feedback loop for various types of requests.
    • Built-in task management to prompt and drive processing of matches found.
    • Detailed audit trail, log, and history for compliance and regulatory reporting.
    • Various reports, with the ability to schedule and deliver to specific individuals.
    • IntegrityShield is an enterprise-wide solution; it may be used by other departments with integrity needs.


    Upon request, all attendees will receive a complimentary free trial of the newly enhanced IntegrityShield.