Data hacks and breaches are on the rise for healthcare organizations. As of last year, 35% of all data breaches occurred at healthcare organizations. The average cost of a data breach to a healthcare organization is $7.1 Million.

Cyberattacks have wide-ranging consequences that directly threaten patient care and patient safety, including the reputation and financial health of the organization. With the increasing digitization of healthcare systems and easier access to data there is an increasing threat of exposure to hacks and breaches. Furthermore, there is increasing regulatory oversight and more stringent compliance requirements by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Office for Civil Rights (OCR), including more frequent audits.

The average cost per stolen healthcare data record commands a premium of $175 per record - the highest amount for any type of stolen data record!

Enterprise healthcare information, security risk, and compliance management continue to be a challenge. Digital health records, broadening of new digital technologies, and telemedicine are further increasing the burden for exposure and risk. This has created challenges to safeguarding data, with the potential of data exposure continuing to expand.

A strong security and compliance oversight program can be complex and requires focus in several different operational domains:

  • Protection of data assets
  • Identification of information system vulnerabilities
  • Vendor oversight
  • Staying on top of regulatory requirements and controls
  • Keeping on top of staff and employee integrity

Doing this requires a systems based approach to mitigating data exposure risk and compliance gaps.

SureShield solutions enable Healthcare Organizations to:

  • Manage Regulatory Compliance Requirements and Gaps: Healthcare stakeholders continue to be burdened with increasing regulatory requirements from HIPAA, CMS, FDA, PCI, OIG, OCR, CDC, and the like. ComplyShield allows comprehensive audit and compliance readiness across all of these regulatory agencies, with built-in crosswalks and P & P templates.
  • Proactively Identify and Remediate Information Systems Vulnerabilities: The increasing complex onsite and cloud based systems in use today within healthcare enterprises have increased the burden for available staff to address and stay on top of systems vulnerabilities. SecurityShield provides an easy cloud-based solution to deploy and establish continuous scanning for your network and connected devices.
  • Manage Staff, Employee and Vendor Integrity Oversight: Today there are hefty fines and penalties for working with excluded, sanctioned, or improperly credentialed providers and/or vendors. IntegrityShield enables you to establish a 24/7 monitoring with no additional resource requirements.
  • Manage your Supply Chain Vendors: Ensure downstream HIPAA Compliance and Oversight for your vendor community, including performance evaluations with VendorShield.
  • Address and Mitigate Exposure of PHI / Sensitive Data: Identifying potentially exposed data and protecting data within your network endpoints is critical to a solid security program. Knowing if your records are being peddled on the dark web is important to limit risk, and take required actions. BreachShield helps identify exposed data and HackShield helps to protect data on end-points.

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