The Defense and Governmental sector is under continuous attack from criminal groups and foreign nations seeking to acquire sensitive information, intellectual property, and trade secrets. The recent sophisticated attacks that have been orchestrated by foreign agents have caused massive disruption of services and infrastructure, causing economic losses amounting to billions of dollars. These deliberate hacking attacks demonstrate the ongoing threat to the United States Government and it’s National Security.

These security concerns are now further elevating the significance of data security for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) that comprises over 300,000 contractors. As a result the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS) have introduced even more stringent requirements for the DIB, such as the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). These new initiatives are putting more pressure on government contractors to meet these requirements in order to continue doing business with governmental agencies.

CMMC Certification is a MUST-HAVE!
Achieve it using SureShield solutions

For businesses that provide products and services to Governmental agencies, the contract provisions meeting of regulations for security, privacy, and compliance. These are increasing in complexity, detail, and frequency. Today, governmental agencies require verifiable evidence that compliant security programs have been developed for the applicable regulations such as:

  • CMMC
  • NIST 800-171
  • FedRAMP
  • Section 889B Monitoring

Compliance to these regulations needs to be on-going with continuous monitoring for risk management and mitigation. Failure to implement sound security practices can lead to security breaches of internal data and/or customers’ sensitive information. Additionally, violating compliance rules can subject a contractor not only to contractual and financial penalties, but also potentially to civil monetary penalties, and criminal sanctions. Putting in place an effective security compliance program using automated tools enables you to minimize risk, comply with contract security requirements, and aid in securing new awards.

SureShield solutions that can enable Government Contractors and Service Providers to:

  • Establish a State of Continued Compliance Readiness: ComplyShield simplifies and decreases the burden for attaining and maintaining compliance. Cross-walks across the different regulatory frameworks are built into the application, including Policy & Procedure templates that you can adopt for your organization.
  • Continuously Identify and Remediate IT Systems Vulnerabilities: SecurityShield provides an easy solution to deploy and establish continuous scanning for your network and connected devices, with prioritized remediation guidance.
  • Address and Mitigate Exposure of CUI and FCI: Identifying sensitive data flow and protecting such data within your network end-points is an important safeguard for you to establish. BreachShield helps identify exposed data and HackShield helps you to protect sensitive data.
  • Downstream Subcontractor Integrity Oversight: Today there are hefty fines and penalties for working with excluded or sanctioned vendors. IntegrityShield enables you to establish a 24/7 monitoring with no additional resource requirements. VendorShield allows your organization to stay on top of your vendor ecosystem.

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