News May 31, 2024

SureShield Revolutionizes Cybersecurity Culture for MSPs with CompTIA Partnership

SureShield, Inc., a renowned leader in security, compliance, and integrity technology solutions, is proud to announce its crucial support for the CompTIA Cybersecurity Trustmark program.

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News January 31, 2023

New Amendment Strengthens California Consumer Privacy

California continues to be a leader in protecting its citizens’ privacy by making sure they have control over how businesses collect and share their personal data.

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Cybersecurity December 12, 2022

Manufacturing Sector Reports Highest Percentage of Ransomware

A ransomware attack on any organization can be damaging, but a successful attack on a manufacturing unit relying upon a solid supply chain to provide goods and services....

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News June 10, 2022

SureShield Announces Integration

SureShield, a leading provider of simple-to-implement, continuous security risk management and compliance software technologies is now fully integrated...

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