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Healthcare December 15, 2021

Alarming Statistics on Ransomware in the Healthcare Industry

For the healthcare industry, COVID-19 has brought about a massive shift in the digital landscape. Healthcare institutions have been forced to adopt changes to keep pace...

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Healthcare November 23, 2021

Universal Health Services Suffer $67M in Losses

In a recent report released by Universal Health Services, the Fortune 500 hospital network is facing severe costs in damages. This comes after the September 2020 ransomware...

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Cybersecurity November 10, 2021

7 Common Web-App Vulnerabilities

Web application vulnerabilities are system flaws, or weaknesses, in a web-based app. They occur primarily due to lack of validation or sanitation of form inputs, misconfiguring...

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Cybersecurity October 28, 2021

Why Security Validation is More Important Than Ever

A complete understanding of security risk is more essential than ever. To properly assess risk, IT professionals need visibility and data on the effectiveness of their security posture.

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Cybersecurity October 18, 2021

Lawsuits – The Latest Ransomware Threat

Organizations that have fallen prey to ransomware attacks have, of late, had to deal with more severe aftermaths than profit losses, tarnished reputations, stolen data and...

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Enterprise Risk Management August 1, 2021

Steps To Prepare For Section 889 Part B

Federal agencies and contractors doing business with the federal government are prohibited from procuring or using “covered telecommunications equipment or services” produced by...

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