Solidify your GRC processes

Solidify your GRC processes

Wednesday, 4/27/22, 2:30p ET / 11:30a PT
For Healthcare Regulatory, Compliance and Legal Professionals


  • Today’s cyber-landscape for healthcare
  • Three-legged stool: Security, Compliance, Integrity
  • The cost of poor performance
  • The SureShield playbook for Security, Compliance, and Integrity success
  • Spotlight on sanctions and exclusions screening
  • Getting started
  • Q&A

Discover the peace of mind that comes with a BETTER SECURITY POSTURE, COMPLIANCE READINESS, and knowing you’re doing business with the RIGHT PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS.

Your Challenge
A day doesn’t go by without a significant data breach, ransomware attack or compliance regulation change, sometimes all three. Healthcare is disproportionately targeted: 34% of all data breaches in the U.S. involve a healthcare organization. Yes, healthcare is a large industry, but we’re not that large. Sanctions and exclusions screening violations are very costly, up to $16K OIG fine per invoice.

Our Solution
SureShield offers a comprehensive integrated suite of solutions to address data breaches and hacks. Protect exposed sensitive data, continuously manage vulnerabilities, and maintain a state of continued compliance readiness for healthcare-specific frameworks. Experience the ease of automated sanctions and exclusions screening performed quarterly monthly weekly nightly. Yes, for maximum performance, you can easily schedule automatic scans to run every night.

Typical Results
SureShield customers mitigate their risk using fewer resources, made possible by our leading technology. If it can be automated, it has been. You will accomplish more using fewer resources.

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Our Whitepapers


Your step-by-step guide to achieving Healthcare Compliance and Data Risk Security.