Reliance on external resources can result in risk and compliance issues in healthcare

In the healthcare industry, there is so much that needs to be accomplished that hospitals and clinics often enlist the help of business associates to act as third party contractors. Business associates often work with sensitive health information, including patients’ protected health information (PHI). Like most businesses, these third-party contractors also make extensive use of IT infrastructure including IT assets that are exposed to the internet.

Internet-facing servers are a popular attack target; they are accessible to everyone on the internet and can easily be probed for vulnerabilities and sensitive data. 

Compromised internet-facing servers can:

  • Be used as a relay server for launching denial-of-service attacks
  • Be blacklisted in internet threat sources database and affect your business reputation
  • Lead to a data breach

For healthcare stakeholders, protecting PHI is crucial to solving compliance issues in healthcare. 

SureShield’s IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software achieves proactive compliance and mitigates risk posed by Third Party External IP Assets


  • Discovers third party IT assets like PCs, laptops, servers, iPads, and network devices and maps their risk to your business


  • Discovers sensitive data on third party endpoints and servers using pre-configured patterns for PII, PHI, and other sensitive information


  • Monitors the third party external IP assets to identify infected devices, malicious access, and exposure to emerging vulnerabilities