Several factors pose employee risk in healthcare organizations

Electronic healthcare records are more easily accessed by staff, consultants, vendors, and other third parties for efficient operation; however, it also means that the data is frequently targeted by cyber criminals. Staff have the most privileged access and can pose the highest risk in healthcare of non-compliance and data breach.

Healthcare is the only industry where internal employees pose a greater threat to IT security than external threats like hackers – with internal threats accounting for 56 percent of all healthcare data breaches.

Several factors contribute to staff risk

  • Lack of security awareness training
  • Policy ignorance
  • Inability to employ sanctioned and excluded individuals 
  • Data exfiltration
  • Compromised credentials

SureShield IT Risk & Compliance Software helps healthcare institutions achieve proactive compliance by continuously monitoring, managing, and responding to risk posed by the staff.

SureShield IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software to Mitigate Cyber Risk Posed by Employees


  • Automates staff sanction checks and exclusions to confirm compliance


  • Monitors the presence of PHI to prevent data breaches


  • Automates processes associated with security awareness surveys, training, etc.


  • Assesses compromised staff credentials and monitors employee assets for risk