Protecting hardware and software assets to mitigate Cyber Risk

Every business has to ensure the security of their information assets. Focusing on the holistic security of an organization means implementing a security program. A security program provides the risk management framework for keeping the company at a desired security level by:

  • assessing the risks
  • deciding how to mitigate them
  • planning for how to keep the program and the security practices up-to-date.

The key asset that an IT security program helps to protect is sensitive data — and the value of a business is in its data.

In the case of healthcare businesses, the most important data to protect is electronic protected health information (ePHI) and is mandated by compliance to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulatory framework.

SureShield Healthcare Risk & Compliance Software helps healthcare institutions achieve proactive compliance by continuously monitoring and responding to healthcare compliance issues and risk posed by internal IP assets.

Mitigate Cyber Risk posed by Internal IP Assets with SureShield Healthcare Risk & Compliance Software


  • Identifies every IT security issue in your organization, maps the risk they pose, and provides prioritized guidance on how to fix each issue


  • Discovers and maps sensitive data on endpoints and servers using pre-configured patterns for PII, PHI, and other sensitive information


  • Monitors internal IP assets to identify infected devices, malicious access, and exposure to emerging vulnerabilities