Mitigate your risk of having servers and healthcare data compromised

Internet-facing servers are a popular attack target. They are accessible to everyone on the internet and can easily be probed for vulnerabilities and sensitive healthcare data. Based on exposure alone, internet-facing servers present a higher risk of becoming compromised.

A compromised server could:

  • Be used as a relay server for launching denial-of-service attacks
  • Be blacklisted in internet threat sources database and affect your business reputation
  • Lead to a data breach

SureShield Healthcare Risk & Compliance Software helps healthcare institutions achieve proactive compliance by continuously monitoring, managing, and responding to risk posed by the external IP assets.

SureShield Healthcare Risk & Compliance Software to mitigate External IP Assets Risk


  • Identifies every IT security issue in your organization and provides guidance on how to fix each issue


  • Protects sensitive data with transparent encryption and maps your sensitive data distribution and exfiltration risks


  • Monitors external IP assets to identify infected devices, malicious access, and exposure to emerging vulnerabilities