The Dark Web presents significant challenges to corporate compliance in healthcare

Only 4% of the content on the internet is categorized as the “surface web”; 96% is considered either the “deep web” or the much more ominous “dark web”. Deep web is reflected in things like academic databases, medical and financial records, legal documents, subscription content, etc. While the dark web utilizes TOR (a free open-source software for enabling anonymous communication) and is most often political protest, drug trafficking and other illegal activities. 

Most IT security teams lack the resources to track and understand underground threat sources from the dark web. However, SureShield’s researchers have long-standing cyber personas and frequently engage with threat actors, therefore we have access to sources that others simply don’t.

Hackers collaborate in highly restricted forums, but we’ve spent decades cultivating trusted personas to engage as part of the community. By tracking hacker activities, we have the access and knowledge to alert your company to emerging threats so you can act pre-emptively.

SureShield Healthcare Risk & Compliance Software helps achieve corporate compliance in healthcare by continuously monitoring, managing, and responding to risk posed by the dark web chatter.

Modules that mitigate Dark Web chatter


  • Monitors dark web chatter for phrases that relate to the organization and assesses for impending threats