Endpoints create sensitive data risk for Healthcare Organizations

Employees, consultants, and vendors have access to vast amounts of data which all gets collected on laptops, desk tops and mobile devices. This adds increased complexity to protecting sensitive data when endpoints can collect data and be accessed anytime from anywhere. While internal systems may be safe, movement and sharing of data outside the network adds greater likelihood to vulnerabilities and hacks.

Setting rules on how and where sensitive data can go is extremely costly and difficult to implement.

HackShield addresses data liability to mitigate cyber risk

HackShield eliminates data liability within a secured environment and when it moves to endpoints and non-trusted clouds. We do this by:

  • Securing local copies of data using transparent encryption
  • Reducing the amount of information stored at endpoints by purging unnecessary data
  • Simplifying the management of external clouds by ranking their accumulation of data

HackShield is a holistic and affordable solution that is simple to use and easy to implement.

We mitigate cyber risk by:

  • Instantly discovering sensitive data and applying transparent encryption
  • Monitoring and auditing data movement at the endpoint to ensure compliance
  • Assessing the level of liability on endpoints and stratify risk
  • Tracking and protecting selected data for anyone in the system
  • Shutting down access to protected data for terminated employees or discontinued third parties
  • Monitoring third-party downloading of protected health information (PHI) on any device
  • Writing rules as to who can have access to information
  • Preventing transfer of data to non-authorized targets

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