Eliminate the time-consuming challenge of Corporate Healthcare Compliance

Managing the regulatory maze is time-consuming and difficult. Healthcare stakeholders have a multitude of compliance and risk management frameworks they must continuously evaluate and audit to assure compliance.

We work with organizations to address compliance issues that are not just regulatory requirements but also play an important role in security and financial reimbursement.

Managing the burden of keeping up causes error or missed processes that put the organization at operational and financial risk.

Unprecedented compliance visibility and financial risk mitigation

ComplyShield was designed to provide a unified platform for corporate healthcare compliance and risk management activities which automatically integrates with security and risk management and audit operations.

ComplyShield provides:

  • Simple activation of any compliance framework like HIPAA, HITECH, PCI DSS, ISO 27K, FISMA, SOX
  • Collaboration tools for all compliance activities
  • Dashboard and compliance status reports
  • Integration with SecurityShield to document compliance status related to IT security
  • Ready-to-use, built-in policies, procedures, and assessment templates
  • Complete audit trail to document all required activities


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