Monitoring the dark web is an essential part of the IT security strategy for healthcare stakeholders

The shadowy side of the internet is home to an illicit economy where stolen corporate or healthcare data and personal information are hot commodities. Much of that stolen information ends up for sale on the dark web where it attracts buyers looking to open fake accounts, expose software vulnerabilities, steal intellectual property, run phishing campaigns, or commit other types of fraud.

Healthcare stakeholders are a prime target for data theft because:

  • Medical records can sell for 20 to 50 times more than any other kind of identity theft records
  • Resolving medical identity theft costs an average of $22,346 per stolen identity
  • The annual economic impact of identity theft in the US medical industry is $41 billion
  • Companies that contained a breach in less than 30 days saved over $1 million vs. those that took more than 30 days to resolve

BreachShield provides comprehensive dark web monitoring and risk response guidance:

  • Network intelligence with multiple risk assessment techniques
  • Compilation of threat actor communications to identify threats in one searchable database 
  • Dark web forum human-driven data analysis and advanced threat intelligence 
  • Key insights into real-time risks with breach intelligence and third-party exposure 
  • Protection for network assets such as infected devices, malicious access, compromised credentials etc.
  • Safeguards corporate credit cards 
  • Root cause analysis by integrating data from SureShield’s modules (SecurityShield, HackShield, and ComplyShield
  • Comprehensive risk response and remediation process


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