A comprehensive Security, Compliance and Risk Management Framework specifically for healthcare organizations

Many organizations try to cobble together a security, compliance and risk management framework by combining separate products to address each problem they are trying to solve. This approach rarely works. Disparate products operating within their own paradigm do not create a risk management framework that provides deep insight into security and compliance gaps, followed by processes for remediation and correction for vulnerabilities. You need a comprehensive approach with a suite of tools that establish an overall risk management framework for security and compliance.

Why string together disparate security and compliance products when you can have a risk management framework that keeps you in constant compliance and always secure?

SureShield’s IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software was designed to allow for a more comprehensive and efficient means to address risk and compliance while at the same time being easy to set up and start using. These two specific attributes, complexity and simplicity make SureShield’s web-based compliance software the ideal solution for small and medium-sized healthcare organizations that want to eliminate hardware or software installation. 

SureShield is designed in a modular and holistic way to address specific healthcare compliance and security issues; as modules are implemented and utilized, the software provides a continuously expanding dashboard view into the healthcare organization’s total compliance and security posture.

An easy dashboard overview of specific healthcare compliance and security issues, provides a risk index profile on areas of importance. Instant drill downs into specific details and remediation activities help immediately correct and improve compliance and risk process.

A proven Risk Management Framework to keep your organization safe and compliant

Our portfolio of products can assist your organization in creating the most comprehensive and easy to implement IT Risk, Security and Healthcare Compliance program using the modules below.


Unprecedented compliance visibility and financial risk mitigation.


Vulnerability management and enterprise-wide security protection.


Enterprise-wide security and reduced data liability to mitigate cyber risk.


Active dark web surveillance and risk response guidance.


Vendor oversight to ensure compliance with HIPAA and reduce chance of financial penalties.


Assess, prioritize and address risks to ensure HIPAA compliance.


Reduce manual administration of sanction checks and exclusion management.