When evaluating costs for risk management and healthcare compliance software, a number of factors need to be considered:

  • Cost of implementation
  • Cost of one-time service
  • Cost to implement on site and need for additional hardware
  • Upside costs for adding services
  • Costs of interfaces
  • Costs of integrating solutions

SureShield’s compliance software pricing model is designed to be flexible and scalable as your needs grow. Pricing is based on the solutions modules that you require or the number of assets, employees, or vendors you choose to add. We offer additional discounts as you add more to the portfolio of SureShield solutions. 

SureShield’s Compliance Software Pricing for Modules


ComplyShield is based on the activated compliance frameworks, approximately $150/framework/month.


HackShield costs start at $7/per asset (endpoint)/month monitored.


BreachShield costs are $50/month/per entity being monitored.


SecurityShield costs are based on the number of assets scanned and start at $4/asset/month. 


VendorShield cost is based on the number of vendors being monitored. Costs start at $3/vendor/month. 


SanctionShield costs are based on the number of vendors or employees. Costs start at $1/vendor employee/month. 


RiskShield is priced at $250/month. Use of RiskShield requires the purchase of ComplyShield and SecurityShield.

SureShield Compliance Software – Additional Discounts and Costs

  • Module Volume Discount – Based on the number of modules utilized by the customer. Volume discounts are available for HackShield, SecurityShield, VendorShield and SanctionShield.
  • Advance Annual Payment Discount – By pre-paying for SureShield Software for the upcoming year, customers receive a significant discount of two months free for any module.

The advantage of the SureShield web-based compliance software solution is that there is no hardware or additional software requirements. Optimal ROI will be realized with SureShield’s simple, cost effective, and rapid deployment.