No expensive third-party consultants required

The advantages of SureShield’s web-based IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software is that there is no additional hardware or software requirements and it allows for rapid, customizable deployment with limited effort from internal resources.

The compliance software implementation process is guided to quickly get up and running

SureShield’s primary guiding principle is to facilitate management by exception. Once you complete the compliance software implementation process, the Manage By Exception Process kicks in to guide you through the tasks that helps achieve your desired state of acceptable risk with audit preparedness.

  • Account Setup

    • Admin account activation: Onboarding starts with creating the account with the default admin user. 
    • Installation of SureShield Agent: Immediately after account activation, the admin user is directed to download the SureShield Agent. If you choose to activate the SureShield Agent, it will run a discovery process and complete installation process for SecurityShield, HackShield and BreachShield modules.
    • Multi-site configuration: If you have multiple sites/locations/logical sub-divisions, this step will guide you through the process of multi-site configuration setup.
    • User profiles customization: SureShield has a few default profiles that determine user access privileges. Additional profiles can be defined for custom access privileges.
    • Users provisioning: Additional users may be setup and assigned appropriate access privileges.
    • Notification templates customization: All the default notification templates can be edited and customized.
  • Product Setup

    Pre-requisite Step 1 – Account Setup

    • ComplyShield Setup
      • Controls cross-walk/ harmonization customization/ acceptance, if you have subscribed to more than one control framework
      • Assessment template customization of mandatory policies and procedures with additional new policies/ procedures if required
    • SecurityShield Setup
      • Scanner installation, pick from the options by the SureShield Agent to auto-install
      • Optional additional configurations, such as report schedule and more
    • HackShield Setup
      • Sensitive healthcare data configuration, confirm general settings are correctly set up and define sensitive applications
      • Schedule weekly reports on devices, sensitive files, data exfiltration activities and more
    • BreachShield Setup
      • Monitoring parameters setup, default is enabled automatically and should be adjusted as required
      • Identify required reporting and set up recurring reporting schedules
SureShield’s IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software implementation process is typically spread over 3-4 sessions of approximately one-hour each over a period of 2 weeks.