ComplyShield ensures that your organization stays compliant with regulatory & legal reporting requirements.


Establish A Comprehensive Real-Time Security Compliance Management Platform For Your Organization

ComplyShield gives you a complete customizable platform that adapts to your compliance needs. Deploy for one or more compliance frameworks and harmonize (crosswalk) across each other - assess once and report for multiple purposes!

Collaborate On All
Compliance Activities

Enterprise-wide use of ComplyShield
keeps your team up-to-date with their responsibilities,
as of any changes.

ComplyShield ensures organizational participation
in meeting compliance requirements and integrates with established business processes.

Unlimited Users And
Multiple Compliance Frameworks

There is no limit on the number of registered users or compliance frameworks. Automated user registration workflow also allows for external individuals to participate in tasks. ComplyShield also allows for your own customized compliance assessments.

Real-time Monitoring of
Compliance Status &

Point-in-time compliance assessments are ineffective
in maintaining a state of continued readiness.
ComplyShield establishes compliance monitoring in
real-time to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Comprehensive Policy Tools & Library

Based on the compliance framework activated, ready-to-use, customizable policy and procedure templates are available to rapidly set up. Maintain your policies within the policy library and easily reference or edit them for evidence of compliance.

Audit Logs
& History

Complete audit trail to document all required activities, including the ability to demonstrate proof of remediation and evidence of compliance.

Collaboration & Task Workflow Management

Real-time dashboard widgets provide current compliance status and corrective action task updates. Easily and securely delegate compliance and corrective actions to users within and outside of the organization.

Maintain A State Of
Continued Readiness

Get to know where your organization stands with respect to
compliance on one or more compliance frameworks.
Frameworks are mapped to each other - assess
for one but satisfy the requirement for other activated
cross-walked controls. Compare changes and progress over time.

Manage By Exception

The ComplyShield Dashboard keeps you aware and focused on newly identified compliance gaps and status of corrective action plans. Alerts and notifications help direct your attention to issues that need the most prioritized remediations.

Monitor & Track Employee
Of Policies &
Procedures Through Signed

Reduce risk by providing a centralized source of information for
compliance policies, and distribute updates timely and efficiently. Know when employees read and attest to their understanding of these critical
policies and procedures, track questions and concerns while maintaining a detailed audit trail.

Solution Suite

ComplyShield seamlessly integrates with other SureShield solutions to provide for a more efficient and comprehensive compliance posture for your organization. The solution suite is aligned and integrated with other Third Party applications.

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