We Help Compliance and Risk Management Professionals Protect the Data that Drives Healthcare Organizations in an Easy-to-Implement Process

SureShield is a fast-growing Silicon Valley company and leader in simple-to-implement continuous risk management and compliance software technologies. SureShield is led by a diverse healthcare-focused management team with proven track records in healthcare compliance, safety, risk, and cyber-security management.

SureShield’s management team recognized the ever-changing healthcare regulatory burden and constantly evolving IT security threats and embarked on a mission to bring this all together in a simple and efficient manner that would provide immediate results. SureShield focuses on leveraging new healthcare technologies to provide area-specific healthcare compliance and risk management technology solutions and integrate them for a complete and continuous view into healthcare organizations’ compliance and security posture, allowing for quick action and streamlined remediation.

SureShield serves leading hospitals and healthcare delivery settings along with managed service providers focused on IT security and healthcare compliance. SureShield’s IT Risk & Healthcare Compliance Software technology is unique in how it integrates data across various compliance and security settings to provide a complete compliance and security overview.