NEWS RELEASE – San Jose, California – September 2019 –  SureShield, a unique Healthcare IT risk and compliance software suite provider, introduces a new Playbook for Corporate Compliance in Healthcare. This free 20-page download will help directors and managers of security and compliance chart a simple and nimble approach to corporate compliance and data risk security.

Healthcare stakeholders are burdened today with new regulatory requirements and safety threats to their IT and data systems, requiring strong programs and tools to provide actionable insight into their overall security posture in order to mitigate risk and exposure from breaches. Until now, small and medium-sized organizations have not had simple or cost-effective ways to provide better monitoring and tracking of security risks. Cumbersome enterprise solutions or disparate point solutions have caused gaps that are hard to fill when you have limited time, money and resources to deal with ever-growing cyber security threats.

“We developed the SureShield software suite of solutions to help healthcare organizations take a different approach to compliance and security,” said SureShield CEO, Sanjaya Kumar. “We are sharing our Playbook for Corporate Compliance with the healthcare community in order to show them a new and more cost-effective way forward. The complexities of enterprise healthcare risk and compliance management continue to be a challenge – we want to help organizations change that.”

This Playbook was created for healthcare compliance and risk management professionals in order to assist with:

  • The changing requirements necessary to build an enterprise risk management strategy and related processes.
  • What to consider when building effective and continuous processes that will reduce risk, lower costs and improve organizational safety.
  • A framework of integrated components required when establishing a systems-based approach to data and security.

A well-structured healthcare risk management and compliance program makes decision-making easier, maximizes value protection and mitigates the risk of security breaches and data loss. SureShield paves the way forward for the healthcare community to have a simple and faster approach to safeguarding their organizations.

Those interested in obtaining the Playbook for Corporate Compliance in Healthcare can download the guide for free at the download page. Interested parties can also contact SureShield to book a risk assessment discussion.

“The team at SureShield is passionate about helping the healthcare community find a better approach to corporate compliance and security,” said Tom Leahy, SVP Business Development at SureShield. “Our team has a long history and extensive experience in the healthcare field. We wrote this Playbook to help those who want to be proactive about new and ongoing security risks. We constantly strive to lead the industry in comprehensive security solutions that ensure continuous compliance.”

About SureShield

SureShield is a fast-growing Silicon Valley company and leader in simple-to-implement continuous risk and compliance technologies. SureShield is led by a diverse healthcare-focused management team with proven track records in compliance, safety, risk, and cyber-security management. SureShield serves leading hospitals and healthcare delivery settings along with managed service providers focused on security and compliance. SureShield’s Healthcare IT Risk & Compliance Software technology is unique in how it integrates data across various compliance and security settings to provide a complete compliance and security overview.

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